Sample book for customers

Samples books can be provided to customers with regular business. Specific samples are produced every season, but not the full collection. Some fabric books will only be available for a specific period of time. Stay tuned for our newest samples and collections.

Authorized Brand


Vitale Barberis Canonico is definitely one of the oldest wool mills on planet earth. Since 1663, it has remained family-owned business for 15 generations. It currently produces more than 8 million mts of wool fabrics every year, and numbers are in the increasing. It is one of the biggest players of wool fabric manufacturing in Europe.


HESWORTH is an international brand of suiting cloth, and has over 1000 network of sales channels in the United States, Europe, and Asia. With experience of 300,000+ meters of fabric turnover annually, the partners select the unique cloths which are recognizable with the characteristics of fun-loving, colorful, yet elegant with exquisite character. The cloth designs not only keep one abreast of the latest fashion trends, but also truthfully meeting the needs of the suiting users.

Giorgio Vallino

GIORGIO VALLINO stands to be a top choice among professionals. Its colors and patterns cover full range of the professional attire. Plenty of plains, sharkskins, various plaids, pin-stripes, chalk-stripes, and herringbones cover a broad range of items necessarily for the everyday work suit. It is a bestseller amongst our fabrics and volume increases year on year at a rapid pace. Its inventory levels are amongst the highest in our collections, and are also well suited for executive uniforms.


LANIFICIO LUIGI COLOMBO is the world's top producer of cashmere and high quality fibres. Knowledge of raw materials, high technology and experience in traditional craftsmanship are the distinctive elements of Colombo.

In the fabric division of Colombo, the art of manufacturing consists of ninety-four production steps and eighteen intermediate controls: a profession that is born form the love of high quality fibers, grows with research and perfects itself with the help of craftsmanship. Lanificio Luigi Colombo creates fabric collections for the most prestigious names of Italian and International Fashion.


Founded in 1956 by Arturo, Drapers is currently run by second generation CEO Mr Domenico Lolli. Located in the city of Bologna, Drapers specializes in the distribution of exclusive fabrics for men, characterized by excellence in fiber, masterful realization and by a chic style deep-rooted in the past.

It has recently celebrated its 50 years of repeated success, along with moving to a more spacious location in the heart of Bologna, aiming to expand the global business to the corners of the world.


Originally founded in 1885, by the early part of the 20th century the company had representatives and was exporting to America, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Of course the Standeven name was also popular at home in the UK, supplying the finest tailors on Savile Row and throughout the country, as well as garment manufacturers and the growing group of department stores. From humble beginnings in a small mill at Mixenden in Halifax, the company quickly grew, taking new premises locally before finally deciding to move the whole operation to Ladyship Mills. The existing mill buildings were extended and a new spinning shed built


The Lanificio Fratelli Piacenza is a leading name in the production of high-quality fabrics and clothing. We are used to facing new challenges and have always been out there in front, pioneering ingenious solutions in a host of fields in our 300 years of history. The Piacenza family has a mission: to keep its natural inclination towards intuition focused on producing fabrics with innovative looks and performance, while respecting the craftsmanship that is still a hallmark of the wool mill to this day.

A shop opened in Turin way back in 1799; journeys to England to study the world’s most advanced machinery and buy the best wools on the nineteenth-century market in London, plus the introduction of the first mechanical mule jenny and jacquard looms in the Pollone mills; Italy’s very first patterned fabrics, introduced in 1839; one of Italy’s very first hydroelectric power plants, built in 1898; the foundation of the Biella Industrial League in 1901 and of the wool mill school in 1911: these are just a few of the significant milestones that mark Piacenza’s pioneering spirit.