Business Partners

In Artextile International, we work closely with business partners and stakeholders who work hard together to dress up our customers to look nice and proper for work and parties. There are several types of such business partners that we work closely with:


In Artextile International, we work hard to dress up our customers to look nice for work and parties. There are several types of such business partners that we work closely with:


Hong Kong has an vast army of bespoke (or MTM) tailors and the city is rightly famed for being able to stitch-up top quality suits at reasonable prices. Such tailors combine high quality, bespoke service, using our famous brand fabrics to make trendy suits for customers.

Bespoke tailors and tailoring chain-stores from the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Dubai, Russia and many more locations also thirst for quality high end fabric and order in fabric rolls from our collections.


Importers, wholesalers, and distributors worldwide also procure from our various collections, in order to complete their own collections and to provide full range of fabric patterns for their local customers. We take pride to be the choice of many distributors around the world.


MTM tailoring has been a whole new sector of growth for Designer Brands in the last century. Such brands enjoy the extensive collection of fabric variety available at rapid pace provided by Artextile International. Designer brand customers enjoy top notch fabric quality in the Super 160's, 180's Wool fabrics and 200's superfine shirting fabric collections that we provide. Fabric swatches are provided for use at their shops with respective in-house branding material.


At Artextile International, we believe the key to success is our long-standing relationships with the clothing manufacturing partners - our commitment includes the development of advanced collaboration tools to improve business processes and increase efficiency in the whole supply chain. As one of the leading fabric wholesalers, we will continue to expand our market share globally with our sales partners as seamless as possible.


We constantly look for customer / supplier partners that enable continued growth and sustainability. A perfect partnership emerges to combine geographical advantages and industry expertise, creating synergy for all parties. Combining strengths lead to business stability, which is substantial to fostering a robust global supply chain.